Sales Development Assistant Vacancy

Key Duties

  • Provide full administrative and clerical support where required
  • Keep good relationships via email or telephone with existing customers
  • Contact potential customers and build relations with them, developing new customers and drawing new orders
  • All telephone calls must be answered – no sales must be left unattended. These must be answered immediately and reported to the Sales Manager straight away
  • Investigate and try to resolve quickly any customer queries in a pleasant and friendly manner
  • Always work within your team, assisting other staff in your department and report any customer requirements or issues that need resolving to the Sales Manager
  • Maintain a file for each customer in which all relevant information is recorded
  • Carry out the required (e.g. stock, offers, account position) before ringing a customer
  • Follow up customer’s orders from receipt of order to dispatch through to delivery
  • Do not process customer orders if it will lead to the account being exceeded
  • Send Order Acknowledgment to customers
  • All invoices should be prepared prior to loading. Plan your loading well ahead and have all the paperwork ready for loading
  • Provide additional support for the Sales Manager and Director when needed and other duties as and when required


Quality Assurance Assistant Vacancy

Key Duties:

  • Help ensure the smooth running of the quality control department and all it entails
  • Report directly to your quality manager regarding your daily duties
  • Assist in the correct production practice for all areas
  • Ensure the correct use of HACCP practice
  • Ensure QC documents are completed on time for the BRC e.g. Calibration, monitoring of glaze, count, raw analysis, process line QC reports, metal detection, weight control, cold stores, cooking temperatures and completion of pre-shipment records
  • Help ensure the raw materials are in specification and ensure finished products are in specifications
  • Ensure samples are collected for micro and information relayed to relevant staff
  • Ensure correct filing of all QC reports and records
  • Help communicate to all shifts, all the paper work for the department is to be filled in correctly
  • If there is a problem with production, inform the quality manager/production manager immediately
  • Ensure all cleaning is adhered to and help enforce hygiene rules
  • Help implement and maintain all new rules and regulations to staff
  • Assist in GMP glass audits carried out
  • Ensure the correct use of company property and equipment
  • You will need to be flexible with your attendance due to the nature of the business



Multi Skilled Engineer Vacancy

Key Duties:

  • Fit new parts & carry out breakdowns effectively & efficiently
  • Keep all equipment is in good, safe working order
  • Carry out planned preventative maintenance on all plant equipment, aiming to achieve maximum plant availability
  • Ensure consumable spares are kept in stock
  • Ensure the equipment is serviced at correct intervals
  • Service and maintain a log of all repairs and service records
  • Assist with electrical repairs
  • Temporary repairs must be rectified as a matter of necessity, if possible away from the production area
  • Liaise with factory managers for major repairs, which could affect production capabilities
  • Liaise with factory managers when greasing and oiling, as this has to be planned in advance
  • Actively check all equipment on a regular basis and keep a log of all faults
  • Liaise with any off site engineers when planning repairs and supervise their work to ensure that it is carried out according to our requirements
  • Inform the factory managers of any equipment failure and if there are any further problems, inform the managers immediately
  • Ensure all Health and Safety legislation and food hygiene rules are followed, including any new rules the company may implement
  • Ensure all equipment meets food safety regulations, including any new equipment purchased
  • Ensure the required checks are carried out at set times and records are kept up to date
  • Work in a safe manner. If there is a problem with the equipment and it can be fixed in the maintenance workshop, do so
  • Maintain a safe and tidy work environment
  • Contribute and be a part of the Health and Safety team
  • The nature of the job means you may be asked to work outside your normal shift pattern
  • You will be required to travel and work between local company sites

Food Production Operative Vacancy

Key Duties:

  • To assist in producing good quality and high standard products as part of a team
  • Maintain effective communication with your manager, passing on any information you may have regarding new information, concerns or problems in regards to your jobs
  • Adhere to the Food Safety, Hygiene and Quality Regulations using the correct procedures
  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene levels at all time by following hygiene rules
  • Ensure production time scales are met
  • If you have to fill in records, ensure that they are completed correctly and at the correct times
  • Work in a safe manner, if there are any issues with machinery these must be reported to a supervisor
  • You will be required to work in various areas of production, such as loading, thaw, packing and cold store
  • You will be asked to be flexible with your work hours due to the nature of the business
  • Maintain the high standards of Health and Safety for both yourself and your colleagues

Politicians, Royals and Celebrities

Politicians, Royals, Celebrities and Seamark

In its 40 year history, Seamark has become involved with numerous high profile individuals, such is the reputation and recognition our brands and operations have.

Below is a collection of some of these meetings:


Seamark is one of Europe’s leading processors, exporters and distributors of frozen food and has been since it opened its doors in 1976, with national and international operations in UK, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Seamark is one of Europe’s leading processors, exporters and distributors of frozen food and has been since it opened its doors in 1976, with national and international operations in UK, Europe, Asia and the USA.