Food Production Operative Vacancy

Key Duties:

  • To assist in producing good quality and high standard products as part of a team
  • Maintain effective communication with your manager, passing on any information you may have regarding new information, concerns or problems in regards to your jobs
  • Adhere to the Food Safety, Hygiene and Quality Regulations using the correct procedures
  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene levels at all time by following hygiene rules
  • Ensure production time scales are met
  • If you have to fill in records, ensure that they are completed correctly and at the correct times
  • Work in a safe manner, if there are any issues with machinery these must be reported to a supervisor
  • You will be required to work in various areas of production, such as loading, thaw, packing and cold store
  • You will be asked to be flexible with your work hours due to the nature of the business
  • Maintain the high standards of Health and Safety for both yourself and your colleagues
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